The mission at Giving Hope is to first rescue children from the crisis of trafficking, abuse or abandonment common in Guatemala then to provide a safe home for them where they will be loved and cared for. Giving Hope works with the government of Guatemala to take in children found in the streets or hospitals or those who have been taken from abusive or neglectful homes. The orphanage attempts to locate each child’s biological family and then works to rehabilitate the children and their families, equip families with the tools and knowledge to properly care for their children and then to reunite them when ready. While the children are in the orphanage they are cared for by staff members and volunteers who selflessly give their time and talents to help meet the children’s basic needs, advance their learning, and give them love, affection and support.

Niños de Guatemala has a simple but unique 3-step program to care for, rehabilitate, and reunite children and families:


Working with the government to rescue children found in the streets and hospitals.


Working with children and families to rehabilitate.


Reuniting children with their biological families.


In the past, the Giving Hope Children's Society has rented a house in which to care for the children. Unfortunately, almost all donations that were received went to pay for rent. Recently, Giving Hope decided that in order to cut costs as well as to become more established, we would construct our very own home. Thanks to several generous volunteers, sponsors, and donors, the construction is on its way to completion!
We are scheduled to be finished July 2016 and will finally be able to re-open our doors and care for children in need.

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Phone: (587) 703-2442

Address: 2041 36 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, Canada


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