(or “Grandma Bessie” as children always call her) Bessie, at 92 years of age, is a great example of service to everyone who meets her. Bessie’s love of service causes her to go above and beyond for others. She has shown love and kindness to everyone she knows; visiting orphans, widows, the sick and needy, and even those in jail. Every person in the entire city knows Bessie, and say that she never seems to grow older since she is always willing to walk miles to lend a hand to someone in need. Bessie has visited countless amounts of people, uplifting and encouraging, serving and comforting. Even though she herself sometimes in need, she always forgets herself and serves others happily, which shows that love and service are the most important things in life. Many people tell this beautiful, spiritual woman that she is too old to be walking so many miles to visit and serve others; to which this woman bravely replies, “if I stay at home doing nothing, I will get sick and die."