If you are considering signing up to volunteer with us, please take a look at our volunteer schedule so you can let us know which dates you are interested in serving.

Giving Hope Society offer high-quality, safe volunteer programs at affordable costs in Guatemala. this allows you to focus on what's important-helping others. you can save thousands of dollars while volunteering abroad.

       Each year, Giving Hope Children's Society welcomes volunteers and interns abroad to Guatemala where they plan and implement sustainable development programs. Volunteers can spend anywhere from two weeks to three months in-country. Many volunteers receive internship credit for their experience abroad. The following information will answer some of your basic questions about the time commitment, program cost and safety in-country. 

Time Commitment


The program dates are flexible.
If you need to arrive or depart on a date other than is indicated, please contact us for approval.


Summer Program

This summer there will be several options as to the length of the program. Volunteers will be able to choose to serve for two four, six, eight or twelve weeks.

Stay tuned for program dates.

Program Fee

​The program fee is $800 for a 2-week trip and $1000 for a 3-week trip. There is a $100 discount for returning volunteers. 

The entire program cost must be paid by your checkout meeting which will happen 2-3 weeks before your departure date.


The Program Fee Includes:


  • Housing
  • Breakfast and Dinner during the week (Sunday Dinner - Friday Breakfast)
  • Health Insurance (Comprehensive coverage for evacuation and medical emergencies)
  • Trainings and Handbooks
  • Safety and Security In-Country
  • Building Partner Relations
  • Giving Hope T-shirt and Other Promotional Materials


This list is not all-inclusive. The program cost covers a variety of costs necessary to maintain and build the Summer Program.

The program fee does not include:


  • Flight
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Transportation To and From Country
  • Immunizations
  • Extra Food and Eating Out


Why is there a program cost?

Giving Hope Children's Society is a Canadian tax-exempt nonprofit organization. To accomplish the mission to fight global poverty with sustainable development programs, we train and recruit impassioned volunteers to travel to underdeveloped countries to serve as human capital for impoverished communities. Their service not only improves the lives of those they serve, but our volunteers gain a greater perspective on life and their role in the global community.

In order to fund our projects, Giving Hope Children's Society must charge a program cost to volunteers. This money can be paid on their own or through fundraising. Program costs go towards housing and food, volunteer support, volunteer training and handbooks, promotional items, projects, etc.

Volunteers and Interns are required to purchase their own flight.
These are some of the average costs of flights to each of our program locations during the summer: